Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cape Cod Wedding Part I

As many of you know, a lot of work goes into a wedding. One of the many reasons we are here is to help alleviate some of the stress that can come with planning and preparation. For us, planning an event is a fun and creative process. After all, we wouldn't be doing this if we didn't love it!

As we shared with you in an earlier post, our Iron Bride Sasha and her fiancé Chris were to be married September 19th. There were many steps taken by all parties to put together a beautiful wedding for this amazing couple. From the flowers, table runners, centerpieces to the place cards and more, we helped Sasha and Chris achieve the beautiful Cape Cod wedding they were hoping for.

Before we get to share photos from the wedding, here are some photos of how we got to the final result. After all, sometimes the trip can be almost as fun as the destination!

Photos, moving left to right: Crate and Barrel boxes the vases came in for the centerpieces; vases get cleaned and filled with rocks, ready for the fish; sand dollars for the table numbers are sketched out; the table numbers all hand painted; the couple's monogram is painted on their sand dollar for their table; starfish are reused from a previous wedding, old ribbon pulled out and new ivory ribbon threaded through; a starfish tied to the basket of wedding programs we designed and assembled; Norway Spruce saplings for favors; Lauren and Ruthie work together to wrap and tie 140 saplings; detail view of the monogram we designed for the couple.

More photos to come . . .


  1. Ruthie and Lauren-
    You both did such a wonderful job for Sasha and Chris' wedding! It was so nice to bring home a goldfish!!! The wedding will never be forgotten; but more so for the pretty details that your hard work brought into for that special day for Sasha and Chris. Ruthie we missed you there, and Lauren kudos to you and your husband for setting it all up! It was perfect!! Love Jessey

  2. Hi Jessey,

    Thank you very much for your sweet words! We are thrilled that everything came together so well for Chris and Sasha's wedding. They really deserved a very special day. I know Lauren and Mike enjoyed being part of everything. I'm sorry I missed out. It sounds like it was a fun time!

    Love, Ruthie

  3. An extraordinary thank you to both Ruthie and Lauren for all of their efforts for our special day on the Cape.

    It was a crazy time in my life and their hard work and positive energy were most appreciated. Specifically, Eutopia Events provided several monograms to chose from, suggested color combinations and assisted with brainstorming and ensuring that all of the pieces looked 'pulled together'. They created: centerpieces, table numbers, framed photos, signs, a detailed timeline, and individual menus to name a few.

    I would definitely recommend Eutopia Events for anyone who is planning a memorable & distinct occasion!

    Best of luck Lauren & Ruthie - if you ever need a reference feel free to ask...