Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Iron Bride

We are currently working for a couple who is getting married this Saturday in the Cape. The bride's name is Sasha; she and Ruthie went to high school together. Sasha came to us looking for invitations initially but decided to hire us for our design services as well as some coordination assistance. She is one busy gal so our services have provided her with a little bit of relief.

Sasha is especially busy as she is being featured in season II of Iron Brides, a reality T.V. show. On the show, eight women compete for a $9,000 wedding photography and videography package for their wedding. We don't know if Sasha is the winning bride yet but she certainly deserves to be! Visit the Iron Brides website and keep an eye out for the show airing in December. Sasha has mentioned us during the taping of the show as well as in her blog. Its been a pleasure to work with Sasha and she has been really supportive of our new and blossoming business.

More to come after this weekend!

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  1. How exciting for the bride, Sasha & for Eutopia Events as well. Publicity is always a good thing. *Ü*