Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

We've had some warmer weather here in Massachusetts this past week. It is difficult not to have thoughts of Spring and to be hopeful that even more warmer days are on their way! In the spirit of spring-like thoughts, we have some very sweet birthday cakes to share.

Butterflies are a sure sign of spring. This butterfly cake for a little girl named Isla was made for her first birthday! She even had her own mini cake she could get her hands into. What kid could resist that giant butterfly? Isla managed to eat almost the entire cake herself. Even the fondant flowers! Guess she liked it! :) The mini smash cake was made of yellow cake. The bottom layer of the larger cake was chocolate flavor with peanut butter filling, the top layer was yellow with strawberry filling, all covered in fondant.

The ladybug cake was made for Meghan for her second birthday. We were told the birthday girl couldn't keep her hands off the little ladybugs! We are happy she loved the cake so much. The ladybugs were made with yellow cake and the round cake with flowers was red velvet flavor, all with a vanilla buttercream frosting.

Two very special birthday cakes for two very special little girls!