Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eco-Wedding Tips

So many pieces come together to make an impeccable event. Decor, food, entertainment, the list goes on. Times are changing, we have changed and our planet has changed. We are proud to be part of the on-going effort to create a greener and healthier planet. You might think planning a more environmentally-friendly wedding would be difficult but there are so many resources out there to help you pull off a "greener" event without sacrificing style.

We’ve gathered together some simple ideas to make "going green" easier than you’d think!

Host your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location
This cuts down on the amount of travel your guests will have to do from one location to another. This is an already popular trend for many couples today.

Use natural fibers
Using natural fibers are kinder to the environment because they are easier to manufacture, as well as easier to clean. Avoid fabrics that require dry-cleaning, which use harsh chemicals.

Buy or borrow a used/vintage gown or suit
Whether it be a consignment store find or a family heirloom, choosing a used gown or suit is a great way to be green. You will conserve the many resources it takes to create, manufacture, and ship a wedding garment by choosing one that is already done.

Invitations are a vital piece to every wedding, but you can greatly reduce the impact their materials have on our planet by choosing 100% recycled paper and plant-based inks. You can also create a postcard-style RSVP card, which uses less postage, and does not require an envelope, saving paper.

Use locally grown, seasonal, or organic flowers
Select flowers native to your area and choose blooms that are in season. Be sure to discuss with your florist options that will fit within your style and budget. You can also use flowers that are organic, which are not treated with harsh pesticides.

Use soy or beeswax candles
A sustainable resource, and the perfect alternative to most candles you find on the market. You can find soy candles locally at some craft stores or your local natural food store. 

Incorporate recycled objects into your décor
Gather found objects such as glass bottles, wooden containers, rocks, even dishware, to create unforgettable table settings, centerpieces, and other arrangements.

Have your favors double as place cards
Instead of making what seems like a million of those little table seating cards, use your favors! You can also choose favors that are green, such as flower bulbs or seeds, small plants, or fruit.

Go local
The more local goods and services you can take advantage of, the better. Anything that gets shipped in for your wedding adds to the energy used to produce or transport it, including flowers, food, clothing, and decorations. Talk to your venue or caterer about your options for locally sourced produce or meat in your area.

In lieu of favors, donate to a charity instead. You can also consider donating your flowers to a local hospital, nursing home or hospice (check with your local institute’s policies first and pre-arrange the drop off).

Not only is it easy to incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your wedding, but it is also stylish. By using some of these tips above, you can create a wedding that is sure to be one to remember but is gentle on our environment. To see more images from our Eco-Wedding styled shoot, visit Fab You Bliss which published our piece last week.